Is the traditional office a thing of the past?

Avada News   •   June 2, 2016

ATraditional work style of an office is an obsolete method as per the alumni of IIM Bangalore and they say. Keep it simple

Keep It Simple

Even with the changes in the current environment the Management consultants are of the opinion that you can work from any where / work from home (WFH). only criteria is that the person should be honest and do the smart work when they are doing WFH. Even in  the Management has decided that our non-critical employees / contractors can do their part of work from their respective homes. We need accountability as well as honesty towards their role and responsibilities as well as accountability.

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As per the Management graduates of Bangalore always Focus on the User.

Focus on The User

This is very important with the Global changes in the current scenario the whole eco system is adjusting and changing.

You can as CHANGE!. Towards what?

It is Towards Customer centric approach. Now only criteria and Focus is on the user and the user experience towards his CLIENTS / CUSTOMERS or even Prospective clients.  It is observed that the person should be honest and try to  do the smart work for the benefit of the customers. Even in  the Management has been implementing this by adapting high level management skills, many a times our clients had not understood and were asking why are we adapting this tedious way of working. however after seeing the benefits they accepted and appreciated this approach.